The Schiff Hardin-CNA Independent Monitoring Team will conduct compliance reviews and audits to determine whether the City of Chicago (City) and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) have complied with the requirements of the consent decree. The following documents are related to these efforts and will be updated periodically.

The Independent Monitoring Team will release two Independent Monitoring Reports each year, as required by ¶661.[1] The reports will summarize monitoring activities, including data analysis, reviews, and audits conducted during the six-month reporting periods. The reports will also summarize the Independent Monitoring Team’s determinations of preliminary, secondary, and full compliance for each paragraph reviewed or explain why the Independent Monitoring Team was unable to adequately assess a requirement under review. We expect the reports to be comprehensive, as they will reference specific data and information we use to make determinations of compliance. These reports will also include relevant data and observations from the Community Engagement Team.

Together with the Independent Monitoring Reports, the Independent Monitoring Team will also issue summary, narrative reports about the monitoring progress and the extent to which the City and the CPD is achieving compliance in the ten substantive areas of the consent decree.

The Independent Monitoring Team may also release Special Reports when it deems necessary (¶665).[1] These reports may address issues or concerns that arise during the monitoring project.

Year One Monitoring Plan

Our Year One Monitoring Plan provides our projected assessments and tasks in Year One (March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020). Specifically, this Monitoring Plan describes the Independent Monitoring Team and the stakeholders to the consent decree; sets out an overview of the purpose of monitoring; introduces our monitoring methodologies; provides our priorities in Year One; describes our anticipated activities in Year One; and explains our upcoming Independent Monitoring Reports. This Monitoring Plan concludes by describing how we anticipate approaching monitoring for the following years. The plan can be viewed here.

[1] The final consent decree is available on the Chicago Police Consent Decree Website. See Consent Decree (January 31, 2019),