If you are experiencing an emergency, need to report a crime, or require law enforcement assistance, call 9-1-1 or contact the Chicago Police Department (CPD) directly.

The Monitor does not and will not have the authority to investigate individual incidents or events involving the CPD. If the comments that you share with us suggest the possibility of officer misconduct, the Independent Monitoring Team is obligated to forward them along to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) for review and potential investigation. You may also file complaints directly with COPA here.

The Independent Monitoring Team cannot specifically respond to all comments or views received from the Chicago community. We will, however, closely review all community input.



Office Hours

Members of our team will be available during office hours (schedule and location forthcoming). Federal, state, and local holidays may impact the schedule. Please contact the Independent Monitoring Team in advance via email, if you would like to confirm whether the office is open.

Feedback Form

We welcome your feedback. You may provide your feedback anonymously; however, providing more information about who you are and where you live may assist the Independent Monitoring Team when considering your comments.

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