The Court will convene a public hearing on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, via Zoom video conferencing to community input and public testimony on the stipulation to the Consent Decree regarding investigatory stops, protective pat downs, and enforcement of loitering ordinances. To ensure a fair and orderly process, any person or entity that wishes to provide oral or written comments must comply with the procedures set out in the Court’s corresponding order.

On June 21, 2023, the City of Chicago and the Office of the Illinois Attorney General submitted an amended stipulation regarding investigatory stops, protective pat downs, and enforcement of loitering ordinances (the Stipulation). The Stipulation adds paragraphs 800 through 877 to the Consent Decree and was approved by the Court on June 27, 2023. Consistent with paragraph 875 of the Stipulation, the Parties requested that the Court hold an opportunity for community input and public testimony by individuals affected by the Stipulation. The public hearing on Wednesday, August 9, will provide this opportunity.

Members of the public who wish to speak at the virtual public hearing may register to speak by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, using the following link (the Court and the Monitor will only use the information gathered from the registration process to determine speakers and facilitate the virtual public hearing): Persons who register to speak understand and consent to transmission of their remarks at the hearing via live stream.

Written Comments
People who wish to provide written comments must file those written comments with the Clerk of the Court, following the below instructions, no later than Friday, August 11, 2023, at 4:30 pm.
Clerk of Court
United States District Court
Everett McKinley Dirksen Federal Building
219 South Dearborn Street, 20th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604
Re: State of Illinois vs. City of Chicago, Case No. 17-cv-6260

All written comments will be filed on the Court’s public docket and, therefore, will be publicly available through the Court’s Electronic Case Filing system. All written comments must include the full, printed name(s) of the submitting person(s), but must not include addresses. Instead, the submitting person(s) full name(s) and address(es) must be placed only on the envelope in which the document is submitted, addresses will not be made public, and the envelopes will be filed under seal. No e-mails, telephone calls, or anonymous submissions will be accepted or considered by the Court.


Anyone with any questions, including questions regarding accommodations, may contact the Independent Monitoring Team at

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