Paragraph 665 of the Consent Decree permits the Independent Monitor to “prepare written reports on any issue or set of issues covered by” the Consent Decree. Since the May 25, 2020 tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago is experiencing a rise in First Amendment activity, civil unrest, and related law enforcement activities that span issues covered by the Consent Decree. To promote transparency under the Consent Decree, I will prepare a special report on the response of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department (“CPD”) to these recent events.

I will seek direct input from a variety of sources—including, but not limited to, members of Chicago’s communities, the CPD, and other City entities—in preparing the report. Pursuant to Paragraph 667, I will also coordinate and confer with the Office of the Inspector General for the City of Chicago.

Margaret A. Hickey
June 5, 2020

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