Independent Monitoring Report 8 and Comprehensive Assessment Part I provides our assessments of the City’s and the Chicago Police Department’s progress on reform efforts in the eighth reporting period (January 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023). The report includes, among other things, required by the Consent Decree, the following:

  • updated compliance assessments or status updates through eight reporting periods;
  • a compliance assessment or status update for each new paragraph we identified for this reporting period in our Monitoring Plan for Year Five;
  • a summary of the principal achievements and challenges facing the City’s ability to comply with the Consent Decree; and
  • an updated projection of upcoming work for the City, OAG, and the IMT (¶661).

The report is available here. The corresponding press release is available here.

Additionally, you can find specific paragraph assessments for each section of the Consent Decree: