The Independent Monitoring Team is dedicated to collaboration and engagement with members of the Chicago community. Our team will have continuous and regular dialogue with the community to gather their questions, concerns, and overall feedback. Members of the community are invited to submit feedback, ask questions, and attend our Independent Monitoring Team community meetings. We will review all comments that we receive from contacts and feedback forms throughout the monitoring process.

Quarterly Community Meetings

The Independent Monitoring Team will hold quarterly meetings with the Chicago community. Our last meeting was on Saturday, September 21 at Austin Town Hall Park from 2:00-4:00 p.m. The Independent Monitoring Team reviewed our first-year monitoring plan and introduced the Monitoring Team that will assess the Chicago Police Department’s and City of Chicago’s compliance with the consent decree. The meeting also included roundtable discussions to gather the perspectives of local community members to ensure our monitoring efforts reflect the priorities of Chicago’s diverse community members.

Flyer for the Chicago IMT Quarterly Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Independent Monitoring Team has developed a list of frequently asked questions to provide the community with responses to common questions.

 View our Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Events

The Independent Monitoring Team will have regular meetings with the community to provide updates on the implementation of the consent decree, address questions from the community, and engage in direct conversation with Chicago residents.

Community Newsletters

The Independent Monitoring Team will develop newsletters to provide the community with information on their most recent activities.

December 2019 Issue