The Independent Monitoring Team is dedicated to collaboration and engagement with members of the Chicago community. Our team will have continuous and regular dialogue with the community to gather their questions, concerns, and overall feedback. Members of the community are invited to submit feedback, ask questions, and attend our Independent Monitoring Team community meetings. We will review all comments that we receive from contacts and feedback forms throughout the monitoring process.

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How can I get involved?

The Community Engagement Team will work hard to connect with neighborhoods, community groups, religious organizations, activists, and residents across the city. The Community Engagement Team encourages community members to participate in meetings and to promote these sessions through their networks. We regularly update the Community Involvement section of the Independent Monitoring Team website with details on upcoming community meetings and events. If your neighborhood or community group would like to invite a Community Engagement Team member to your meeting(s), please email us at or fill out our feedback form.

Community members can provide input on CPD policy. When the CPD modifies or creates applicable policies, it will post them on their website for community members to provide input.

Community members can also attend any of our public meetings listed on our website, complete an input form on our website, reach out to the Independent Monitoring Team directly or members of our Community Engagement Team (see below).

How can I contact the Independent Monitoring Team?

You can reach out to us via email ( You can also contact individual members of our Community Engagements Team:

Learn more on our Contact Us page. You can also use the Feedback Form on this website to send us your input or leave us general comments.

Monitor’s Community Meetings

Join our community meetings to learn about progress on the CPD reform efforts, ask questions, and share your thoughts, concerns, or experiences in the community.

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The Community Engagement Team hosts regular community meetings to gather input and ensure the community has a voice in the assessment of CPD’s and the City’s compliance with the Consent Decree.  These meetings are an excellent opportunity to learn about CPD’s progress, provide feedback on measuring compliance, ask questions about the CPD, the monitoring process,  future steps or request a team member to attend your community meeting.  As a result of COVID-19 and out of an abundance of caution, the Community Engagement Team began hosting virtual meetings to gather community input.  Although we look forward to in-person meetings in the future, we have also found that virtual meetings have allowed for greater community member participation. 

Before COVID-19, Monitor Hickey and the Community Engagement Team hosted community meetings. More than 50 people attended this one at the Humboldt Park Refectory & Fieldhouse. The meeting included roundtable discussions that gathered the perspectives of community members to ensure the monitoring efforts reflect the priorities of Chicago’s diverse community members.

Past Community Meeting Presentations

  • June 22, 2023 Presentation Slides – This community meeting focused on updates to CPD’s reform progress and specifically with Impartial Policing paragraphs of the Consent Decree.

Make Your Voice Heard about CPD Reforms.

Community Newsletters

The Independent Monitoring Team develops newsletters to provide the community with information on their most recent activities.

Federal Court Public Hearings regarding Progress under the Consent Decree

To assist the Court, the Monitor, and the Office of Inspector General for the City of Chicago in assessing the City of Chicago’s and the Chicago Police Department’s response to recent protests and unrest, the Court held listening sessions on August 19 and 20, 2020 – via Zoom video-conferencing (due to COVID-19) – to hear from community members. Like almost all court proceedings, these sessions were held on the record and were accessible by the public and the news media.

The Court Reporter permitted the IMT to share the transcripts of the listening sessions with the public, which are available here:

If you would like to contact the Independent Monitoring Team you may also do so at